Sunday, November 13, 2005


More information will come later as we are all exhausted from dancing all night, but a quick recap:

This years vertigo was bigger than ever. An official attendance total is hard to come by because the counter got reset when the fire alarm went off (due to the fog machine + insane body heat from all the dancers). Luckily we got the alarm reset and the DJ entertained people as they stood outside in the (thankfully not cold but still damp) weather. The alarm went off about 11pm and we were up to about 600 at that point (with three hours to go). An unnofficial estimate is around 2000 for the whole night. Typically the party tapers off around 1:30 with the most hardcore dancers staying till 2 but this time the entire place was packed up until the DJ had to stop spinning, leaving the crowd chanting for more.

Overall, the dance floor was extremely well received. We did have some minor issues, due to the way the circuit boards were placed into the wood lattice. Pressure on the USB and power connectors led to intermittent connections which we only saw when lots of dancers were on the floor. A few slightly-larger holes around the power and USB connections should fix this issue. It didn't matter, however, as you could barely even see the floor because of all the people on it! In fact, even with the entire surface covered with people jumping and grinding to both hip-hop and hard-techno, the Lexan is in great shape-- save for some scuffs and spilled beer. We were very impressed.

Overall it was a great success and many more photos will come!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have 10 sheets of the original disco white like what was used for the floor in the movie saturday night fever. WOuld this work well to use with leds?

February 16, 2006 1:36 AM  

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