Thursday, November 10, 2005

Vertigo is in two days!

Vertigo is this Saturday and the energy is already building! People all over campus are talking about the floor. We will be in Student Life tomorrow and the Washington University Record (Newspaper for faculty and staff) in the next few weeks.

Vertigo setup begins tomorrow (friday) at 2:00 when the stage and lighting truss arrives. We begin by tarping the entire room and then painting designs in UV Reactive paint. We can use all the help we can get so stop by on friday or saturday to lend a hand!

We have been featured on EnGadget as well as STL Diatriber which is amazing!

We have been lax on posting lately due to last-minute issues. We are behind schedule and are pulling 8 hour shifts to get everything done. We ran into an issue with power supply voltage drops causing the USB connection to reset. This was rectified by adding capacitors across the auxiliary power connection on the controller boards and using thicker wire for the 5v line from the supplies.

As of now, we have modules one and two "done" and module three is being tinfoiled as we speak. Module four's frame needs finishing touches before it can be cabled. We'll have more pictures later...


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