Sunday, November 06, 2005

Module Two is Done

Module two is now complete. All that remains (for both modules one and two) is to attach the lexan and minor aesthetic improvements. We have some videos and pictures of the two available. We cannot run both at once yet because the device addresses change when used with a USB hub so we have to recompile/adjust the software to manage this.

Module three's frame is completely built and up in Lopata 404. It is ready for cabling and tinfoiling to get it ready to use. We are meeting this week in the evenings to finish wood construction for module four. Once the frame is done, assembly does not take that much time. The hardest part is getting the cable mess near the controller board situated without pulling any connectors loose. Worst case, we finish the tinfoiling / diffusing friday evening in the gallery. What matters is to get four built and then three and four lit up. We'll keep you posted on the status.

Today we kicked off the major vertigo publicity campaign with the underpass painting and major flyering. We intend to flyer every building on campus to reach out to those who are not in the engineering school and get them excited about the event.

We're getting down to the wire here but we have faith we can get it presentable by vertigo. The one final thing is to make new patterns. Details on how to do this are contained in a matlab script at . we have about ten pre-made patterns that could be used at vertigo but we definitely want more. We will be working on this later in the week.

Note: ignore the funk music in the background of these clips (or, rock out to it).
Matrix pattern close-up
Checkers pattern close-up
Diagonal pattern close-up
Pulsar pattern close-up


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