Monday, October 15, 2007

Meeting Update, plus a moment of silence.

October 10, 2007 Meeting Summary:

This meeting started the way most meetings start, with only 2 people there. I’m happy to announce that our numbers grew exponentially to 4 after only a few minutes. This worried the mathematician in me. With the population doubling every few minutes, we would surely be crushed to death in no time! Doom! Doom! Gloom and doom! Why me!? I’m too young to be smooshed by thousands of electricity enthusiasts! We ended up leveling out at 4, leaving me significantly embarrassed at having curled up in a ball on the floor.

With nary a mechanical engineer amongst our thriving populace, we didn’t get to have a materials update. As such, I’m going to make one up.


‘S’all good. Next!


Judging from her absence, it would appear that Corinne did not survive the MIT Gerber File Heist. However, with her last ounce of strength she managed to get the file back to us to examine. It turns out the file was approximately useless. Touche, MIT. This is a minor setback which Grant does not seem worried about, so I’m not either. We chatted for a little bit about using a set of jumper pins on each board to allow us to arbitrarily specify any given board’s address. The addressing for the boards became the major topic of conversation for the rest of the meeting, and after Grant showed us his spiffy CAD design for the mini-board, Jacob got to work figuring out how addressing each board was going to have to go down.

That's really all we did at this meeting. It was a short one, but we took care of a few issues which will allow us to press on.

A few final notes:

1) I still don't have any photos, but once construction begins you will be begging for a solid block of text that isn't splattered with pictures of arguably off-topic things.

2) I would like us to share a moment of silence for our fallen comrade, Corinne. You will be avenged!

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